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Air Bearing Rotary Stage

Great things come in small packages.

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Key Features

The RT75S is the smallest rotary stage in the RT-S series, making it ideally suited for precise handling of small objects. Its small size and low mass allow for an easy integration in multi-axes systems. It is compatible with many Z-stages and can be equipped with a slipring to enable mounting of an XY linear stage on top of the rotary stage.

Error Motion

< 150 nm
Max. Speed

300 RPM
Max. Load

137 N
Industrial CT


Bearing type

air bearing

Max. speed

300 RPM

Max. axial load

137 N

Max. radial load

40 N

Radial error motion

< 150 nm

Axial error motion

< 50 nm

Min. resolution

Angular accuracy

13,8 arcsec


Nominal torque

0,04 Nm

Peak torque

0,13 Nm

Total mass

0,6 kg

error motion (typical value): LSC Δr = 78,6 nm
filter: 360 UPR, 1 revolution (9,6 rpm)
Max. working load vs. eccentricity

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