5th Gas Bearing Workshop,
Düsseldorf, Germany

Join us at the 5th Gas Bearing Workshop 2023, on March 27, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Since many years the Gas Bearing Workshop has been establishing a forum for the gas bearing community. Scientists, research engineers, users and manufacturers/vendors in this field are invited. Experts in gas bearings are going to present new applications and leading edge R&D. Almost all bearing technologies will be presented, the spectrum ranging from aerostatic to aerodynamic, from rigid geometries to foil bearing designs. There will be the opportunity for discussion and for personal contacts.

Meet Koen Peeters, our R&D engineer, who will present about ”Multi-axis motion machine for high resolution X-ray imaging on large samples”.  

Koen Peeters will talk about:

1. Working principles of the motion machine
2. Novelties in applying air bearings for rotary stages 
3. Virtual sensing of machine performance indicators 

See you in Düsseldorf.

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